Isle of Islay: The Birthplace of the Land Rover Defender

To mark the final phase of the production of the iconic Defender, we hosted a media event to trace the origins of the Land Rover name. Our research revealed that the name was born on the Scottish island of Islay. In 1947, Spencer Wilks, the md of the Rover car company was driving a Rover 12 with raised suspension to help it cope with the rough terrain of his Islay estate. His thoughts were already turning to producing a dedicated off-road vehicle and his gamekeeper, Ian Fraser, suggested a name for the fledgling project - the new model was to be a Rover for the land, so why not call it a Land Rover?

We told this story in a film that media could embed, produced a package of images and supplied the attending media with press information. Journalists from Top Gear, Vanity Fair, Huffington Post, Intersection, WSJ, The Independent and The Financial Times joined us on Islay and drove a range of vehicles from Land Rover’s history.

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